Hiveserver2 Heap Size Recommendations

Hiveserver2 Heap Size Recommendations

Hive server2 is also called as HS2 and it is one of the key service of Hive component. Hive server2 is nothing but a interface that enables remote clients to connect and execute quires hive service and retrieve the results by using a JDBC or ODBC connections. Below are ways of connect to Hs2 and Hiveserver2 heap size recommendations .

  • As a remote client many ways can connects to hive like by using Business Intelligence tools (BI Tools) Tableau,Datameer,Pentaho,Qlikview,Microstrategy.
  • Another type of application that can access Hive over a JDBC or ODBC connection.
  • In addition we can also connect with command line interfaces like Beeline.
  • Web interfaces like Hue,data analytics studio (DAS) etc.

Below Hive Architecture Image will show you how remote clients connecting hiveserver2 to retrieve the output from metastore and file systems.

Hiveserver2 Heap Size recommendations

Hiveserver2 Heap Size Recommendation

  • By Default Hiveserver2 heap size is 256 MB and based on number of concurrent executed quires hs2 heap size will changes.
    • If single connection then Hiveserver2 heap size 2gb.
    • If concurrent connections between 1 to 10 then Hiveserver2 heap size 4gb.
    • If concurrent connections between 10 to 20 then Hiveserver2 heap size 6gb.
    • If concurrent connections between 20 to 40 then Hiveserver2 heap size 12gb.
    • If concurrent executing quire connections are more than 40 create a new HiveServer2 instance.
    • In addition, the Beeline CLI should use a heap size of at least 2 GB.

Note : The above hiveserver2 heap size recommendations affected by many factors such as number of columns partitions, complex joins, and client activity among other things. Please test and review in lower environment before apply in prod environment.


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