Data Analytics Studio (DAS) Replace of Hue Hive Views in CDP


We all know in the year of 2018 October 3 the biggest hadoop compositors cloudera distribution hadoop (CDH) and Hortonworks data platform (HDP) both merged and announced the new product called Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). CDP is the combined platform representing the best of both Cloudera and Hortonworks. In this post we will discuss about Data Analytics Studio (DAS) .

Data analytics studio is one of the new service from Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). Data analytics studio in short form we can called as DAS. Data Analytics Studio (DAS) is a DPS solution built on the Hortonworks DataPlane Service (DPS). After merging of HDP and CDH now DAS service is a part of CDP.

Data Analytics Studio (DAS) is an application that provides all features of existing Hive views in ambari and provides intelligent recommendations to the right decisions by business analysts and more productive with hive service.

DAS service can help you to perform operations on hive tables and can help to analyze the optimization performance of your queries. By using DAS service you can create/alter/delete the databases,create/delete/alter tables,search and save the hive quires,compose and execute queries and you can generate the reports and recommendations to improve your query performance.

There are two types of DAS services available.

Differences between Data Analytics Studio (DAS) and DAS-Lite

The difference is DAS has full futures but DAS-lite is subset of full version DAS,only few features are available to use.

Data Analytics Studio (DAS) and DAS-Lite Common Features

  • Create/Alter/Delete Databases
  • Create/Alter/Delete Tables
  • Search queries
  • Compose and execute queries

Features that are available in DAS are not available in DAS-Lite:

  • Query optimization recommendation
  • Query comparison
  • Table optimization recommendation
  • Read and write report
  • Join report

DAS features in Detail Explanation

Query Editor

  • Hive commands autocomplete keywords recommendations while writing the query.
  • visual explain plan helps for pictorial representation of query flow.
  • Performance improvement recommendations for query
  • saved queries for future use.
  • results downloading in CSV or excel format.
DAS query composer

Query Search Tool

we can filter out the different type of queries by using query search tool.

  • Pre-defined queries for expensive or most expensive quires
  • Longest running queries
  • Non-optimized queries
  • Failed or cancelled queries
  • Queries didn’t use a CBO
  • Range of filters from last 5 minutes to last 5 years or you can filter by using custom dates.
  • Saved searches by using name.

Database Management Tool

  • supporting searching
  • browsing
  • interrogation
  • creation
  • modification of databases
  • tables (edit the column names and data types /rename the table name /delete the table )
  • table partitions wise search
  • columns as well as uploading of data from local storage or HDFS
  • Storage information option can help to identify the table input/output formats,compressed value,number of buckets,buckets columns etc.

Table Impact Reporting

  • Showing reads
  • writes
  • projections
  • aggregations
  • filters
  • joins by table and column
  • with support for dynamic heat maps overlaid on entity relationship diagrams

In Hortonworks and cloudera we used Hue and Hive views for Hive operations but in CDP only Data Analytics Studio using for hive operations. Hue and Hive views services are don’t have this many features so hive views and hue services are going to replace by Data Analytics Studio (DAS) in Cloudera Data Platform.

If you want to install this in ambari requires a Ambari management pack, it won’t come with stack.

If we forgot or miss any points regrading Data Analytics Studio (DAS) service please let us know by comment below. Please share our article and support


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