Configuring Data Analytics Studio (DAS) Authentication with Ldap


Data Analytics Studio (DAS) is newly introduced in Hortonworks 3 (HDP 3) version. This Data Analytics Studio (DAS) application is also using in Cloudera Distribution Hadoop (CDH) and Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) combined product Cloudera Data Platform version also (CDP).

In Cloudra to work on hive and impala quires we have HUE web UI and Hortonworks to work on hive quires we have HUE web UI and Hive views available to developers and business users. Now Data Analytics Studio (DAS) Replace of Hue and Hive Views in CDP and hortonworks 3 version.

In this post i am going to show you how to Configuring Data Analytics Studio (DAS) Authentication with Ldap (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).

HDP 2.6.5 also supports DAS but it requires Patch, with out using any patch new HDP versions 3.0 and 3.1 version will support. Data Analytics Studio (DAS) not come through the HDP default stack we need to install the packages of DAS manually.

After DAS installation you can login with default username and passwords or can login with LDAP id and passwords also. To login with LDAP id and password we need to Configuring Data Analytics Studio (DAS) Authentication with Ldap.


DAS Authentication with LDAP

Step 1 : Login to ambari webui as a admin user.

Step 2 : click on Data Analytic studio service.

Step 3 : Select Configs option

Step 4 : Go to advanced data_analytics_studio-security-site

you can see below properties under advanced data_analytics_studio-security-site section

  • ldap_basedn
  • ldap_custom_ldap_query
  • ldap_domain
  • ldap_group_class_key
  • ldap_group_dn_pattern
  • ldap_group_filter
  • ldap_group_membership_key
  • ldap_guid_key
  • ldap_url
  • ldap_user_dn_pattern
  • ldap_user_filter
  • ldap_user_membership_key
  • user_authentication

If the above properties are not appeared under advanced data_analytics_studio-security-site section, you can add manually by using Custome data_analytics_studio-security-site section.

You don’t need to fill all above configurations with required values for DAS with LDAP authentication configurations.Connect with your LDAP team and get correct details for ldap_basedn,ldap_guide_key,ldap_url and ldap_user_dn_pattern details.

ldap_authentication value should be LDAP. So this five LDAP configurations are important to Configuring Data Analytics Studio (DAS) Authentication with Ldap.

If we forgot or miss any points regrading Data Analytics Studio (DAS) service LDAP authentication please let us know by comment below. Please share our article and supportĀ


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