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Shell Script to Install Ambari Agent on all nodes from One node

If we want to add new datanodes to your existing hadoop cluster first we need to install ambari agents on all nodes. Ambari agents we can install two ways.
Shell Script to Run Commands on Multiple Servers from One Server

Shell Script to Run Commands on Multiple Servers from One Server

If you have 100 nodes cluster and you want to find out uptime of all 100 servers. If any tool installed on your node, that can help you to run commands on...

How to Install Anaconda Python on Linux Centos/Redhat without Internet

Anaconda is a free and open source of distribution for Python language. Anaconda manages many pre installed packages and that packages are helpful for data science,Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence applications.it also...

How To Create Sudo User in Linux Centos/RedHat without Modifying Sudoers file

If you are working in linux environment root is the super user and normal user accounts don't have that much privileges like root account. Giving root password to all other linux users...

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